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            Hello, Welcome to APT Electronics Co., Ltd. official website

            President Address

            An enterprise should base itself on the present and look into the future for good development. APT persists in taking the road of advanced technology and professional development, exploit market with advanced technology, actively integrate people, technology, market and industry resources, develop core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and strive to build a most high tech national brand with core competitive power.

            APT is a key manufacturer of the LED chips, lighting devices as well as module products on the up-middle stream of LED industry chain. we continuously provide cost-effective LED lighting products and comprehensive customer service. Our LED lighting products deliver over 20% improvement in terms of luminous efficiency to meet ever-improving needs of the market, while costs continue to fall; we could also provide OEM/ODM service of lighting devices and module products. This is precisely what an enterprise  like APT who has international capital background and masters core technology could do to It ensures that APT works with customers in the way of long-term in-depth cooperation  creating win-win creation, thus forming solid strategic partnership.

            With the widespread application in LED green lighting, future technology development should be in this way technology and packaging technology are integrating more and more, so as to  reduce the entire production process for manufacturing. It is an immutable rule in high-tech fields to provide low-cost and high-performance products for the market through technical innovation.

            We sincerely invite the LED lamp and luminaire companies and manufacturers to work together, hand-in-hand, to propel the LED industry forward in a healthy and sustainable way.